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Telling it like it is... As a busy general contractor in the Edmonton and surrounding area, our renovations company starts all work at the foundation...up including basement renovations and unique basement development. Weeping tile, foundation repair and grading repairs are the base for a good basement development. We are teamed with trustworthy qualified tradesman including owners who are a certified Journeyman Carpenter and Master Electrician. If you are looking for solutions for kitchen and bath upgrades or a home addition… we can be your contractor. Edmonton and surrounding area renovations are what we do, whether it is a residential home, a commercial building or an apartment; they require two things…professional tradespersons and professional results. W.E. Young Renovations Ltd. works from the foundation up... We have built our business on the challenges of completing Edmonton renovations that include main floor makeovers and expanding structures to create more space. We understand how the climate dictates the uses of the structures we build. Renovating comes from the need for change, winters are long and summers see real rainstorms. Adding a four-season room or a roof and a private outdoor space hardscape can be the result once the correction of a cracked or failed foundation wall has been addressed. Flooding basements, well-worn kitchens, poor ventilation in baths remove value from buildings and homes. Edmonton basement renovations and renovations in general are about repair, renew and replace…the final design dictates which of those three will be best suited for the project. Mother Nature will take back that which is not cared for or maintained. If you have plans to renovate...look beyond the obvious. Start at the foundation…ask about a consultation for home owners who need/want a nice home, built with pride. From the foundation up... is how the structures for Edmonton renovations and homes are built, and what ultimately keeps them strong. Renovations are unique. The climate is unique and the people who live here are unique. Our small family business would like to be your contractor of choice so that you can have the renovations you require/desire done with pride from your foundation up to your living space. Our work area includes Edmonton St. Albert Sherwood Park and neighbouring acreage and community developments. Our association with the BBB of Edmonton the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta and with Baeumler Approved has been a benefit to our business and our clients

Our Values

How they are built... We are a family residential renovations company that has taken five generations of hands on knowledge and put it to practical use. Knowing a strong foundation is an integral part of structure means taking care and maintaining that foundation. W.E. Young Renovations Ltd. business partners maintain combined certifications in building construction and electrical. This gives the company a unique niche in Edmonton basement renovation market and an edge over most others. Even though we have the ability to do so much more, we invested time and equipment into making foundation renovations our priority and work on other projects as they pertain to the scope of work, interior and exterior home renovations, electrical, services, concrete removal and trenching. Finally yet importantly, we are investing in our children's, children's future by doing our part in respecting the time, effort and material spent building a structure to give that structure a new lease on life. A small homage to a great grandfather that was a cabinetmaker and who learned to dig trenches in central Canada before serving in the first world war, then a grandfather who hand dug many basements and poured just as many foundations for homes saved from demolition. A father who was an interprovincial certified carpenter. Now that examples have been set, the story continues. Our family, whose strong connection to providing honest work, is building our company. We evolve, providing a service that takes good building practices and make old structures better. This ensures the homes and buildings we work on will last for other generations to use. If it is not broken don't fix it is good advice, saving what is not broke by maintaining and protecting is better advice and makes all of us better custodians of our homes and environment. The world has been changing since its inception. The earths crust shifts, water erodes and wind does its part to keep the planet evolving. We evolve with the work we do...

VISION: To leave examples of renovated structures for the next generation of tradesman to learn from...


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Installation of landscapes and hardscapes including paving stone

Foundation repair


Fixing major foundation failures and typical vertical cracks


Our association with the BBB of Edmonton, the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta and other quality companies including Baeumler Approved has been a benefit to our business and our clients


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