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Foundation repair options for existing homes and foundations...

tamping backfill

What is the process

1) Meet and determine scope of work

2) Enter into an aggreement to supply our services to you.

3) Supply a written Contract with scope of work and cost details

4) Schedule and complete work as per contract

5) Recieve payment for services and schedule a follow up meeting if required to go over any unknowns such as proper pump maintence and warranty items ( Lots of people work while we do the work and request some type of reminder and explantion after the fact... call it "Good Service"

If your plan includes injecting urethane or epoxy into cracks and voids, it is recommended to do this before excavating. These products have advanced greatly, and provide an ideal backer for placing finishing coats over to renew the look of exposed foundations. It should be noted that the hit or miss of blindly pumping expanding foams into cracks can result in plugging weeping tile or missing sections due to the fact you can not see where the product is going. WE have witnessed this as a "fact" when excavating the exterior to complete a repair.

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If you are a DIYer (click the link)… maybe read this as part of your research.

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