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W.E. Young Renovations Ltd. is an Edmonton and area based general contractor. The principles of the company are Red Seal certified Journeyman Carpenter and Electician. WE are a ONE STOP SHOP qualified company.


Cracks in concrete are a common sight.

WE specialize in repairing and waterproofing cracks on basement foundation walls and floors. No more leaky. The most common repair is done from the exterior, which means WE are able to correct the cause of the crack at the same time as bridging and waterproofing it.

A crack in a foundation wall is commonly found in areas where there are changes in thickness, direction or at the corners of openings. These areas are additionally susceptible when there is an introduction of water and freeze thaw cycling.

WE are fully equipped, experienced, qualified, certified and motivated to provide the very best service. WEeping tile, concrete cutting and demolition is just a small part of any project.

Calling WE Young Renovations Ltd. for your foundation wall or floor crack repair will assure the job is done correctly.

Ask us what WE can do for you and learn what it means to work from the foundation up.

Exterior Renovations

The exterior of your home is the first chance you can express to others who you are and possibly your style.

Concrete retaining walls can be finished with sustainable quality rock and stone finishes.

Adding a carriage home or garden suite is becoming less challenging from a permitting prospective and gives our clients the option to allow aging parents, growing children a place to grow into or grow out of.

Landscape, fences, stone walks and patios are all something WE can include when designing you perfect oasis.

Interior Renovations

As a longtime trusted General Contractor, building an addition or creating the best kitchen or bath are just a few things WE can do for you.

As a qualified general contractor, WE have the ability to provide you with a long term, solid group of professionals and an expanding list of trusted sub-trades. Whether it is a carpenter, electrician or plumber WE can include them as part of any project.

It should be noted that WE trust and support RED SEAL trades and know that they have the training and certifications to complete all projects with skill and learned qualifications from start to finish.

If you are aDIYer(click the link)... maybe read this as part of your research.

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