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Insulation options for existing homes and foundations...

A framed wall in a basement

Interior Options...

An existing home can be made warmer or cooler (dependant on season). By replacing the windows with installed efficient ones and adding wall insulation.

Something many homeowners don’t realize. The heel of a roof truss limits the amount of blown-in insulation. If you have a home with limited heel height on trusses, interior ceiling insulation can be added too.

A dramatic change of nearly 10 degrees in heat gain can be seen at the plug by thermal imaging only a few minutes after the insulation has been injected behind it. Professional installation is recommended so that the foam does not enter the box and possibly cause a fault in the receptacle. This process does stop drafts and increase comfort. We do have a minimum charge of $500.00 for the process and show the change in thermal images… and can provide before and after thermal images for a clients file.

insulation behind a plug

The option of adding installation to the inside of the room. Bridges wall studs from the changing temperatures. It will increase insulation quantity in all areas of the walls.

A layer of drywall and a fresh coat of paint renews the home and increases the rooms comfort.

Exterior Options...

By first removing the exterior finishes. A true flat surface is now ready for the beginning of a superior building envelope. This preparation eliminates the random unsealed areas.

Adding thick new insulation, keeping the window set in helps with their efficiency.

Older homes, many time have some type of foundation problem. New exterior insulation installed over a waterproofed foundation renews it. Homes today will benefit by the process. Intern, they will last well beyond the original designed timeline.

Passive Energy

Rethinking how we live in a home and what we expect from it brings us to how we heat and cool it.

The energy we spend good money on goes out though none efficient none reflective glass.

Windows, walls and even the foundations can be incorporated into a plan to save significant energy loss.

The Concrete foundation can be a storage cell for passively captured heat. Insulating if from the exterior, we leave this massive block of concrete on the warm side of the thermal barrier. By default it captures energy. It then gives up its heat passively through radiation when the furnace is not running.

A very similar thing happens with windows that have a coating within the glass panels. Reflecting the hot summer heat and stopping it from entering the home. This surface reflects the inside heat back into the room. Rather than giving up the energy to the outdoors. This too helps when cooling a house. LowE and Argon gas filled window are extremely effective. What is a window other than a hole in a well insulated wall.

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