From The Foundation Up

Edmonton, AB.

Insulation options for existing homes and foundations...


Interior Options...

An existing home can be made warmer or cooler (dependant on season), room by room simply by replacing the windows with correctly installed efficient ones and adding wall insulation.

Something many homeowners don’t realize, the heel of a roof truss limits the amount of blown-in insulation. If you have a home with limited heel hight on trusses interior ceiling insulation can be added too.

The option of adding installation to the inside of the room, bridges wall studs from the changing temperatures, increasing insulation quantity in all areas of the walls.

A layer of drywall and a fresh coat of paint renews the home and increases the rooms comfort.

Exterior Options...

By first removing the exterior finishes, a true flat surface is prepared for the beginning of a superior building envelope. This preparation eliminates the random air pockets and poorly sealed areas when the old finishes are left on.

Adding thick new insulation and keeping the window set in, helps with their efficiency. The glass surface is protected ever so slightly from wind and sun and makes a superior job that much more superior.

Older homes, many time have some type of foundation problem. Once the problems have been sorted out and corrected. New exterior insulation can be added. Many homes today will benefit from the process and intern last well beyond the original designed timeline.

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