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Projects including basement renovations, landscape retaining, foundation crack repair and home additions...

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Our priory is to insure that the work we do, building a front or rear addition or completing a foundation repair with new landscape... starts and finishes with a plan. This plan will preserve the structure.

What is cause and effect?

When something fails, a crack forms in a foundation or the sidewalk tips inward or a slab heaves and cracks. These are know as effects. There is a reason for this happening and the reason is the cause. Knowing what is the cause and repairing it is paramount. Patching it is what keeps others in business, correcting the problem is what sets us apart.

We look for the cause and make that our priority before fixing the effect.

Retaining walls fail for the same reason foundations on homes fail. Not paying attention to grade and ground water management. Soils that back the wall will expand and contract as water interacts with them. Correct water management procedures are paramount. The design of retaining walls deals with grade differentials. Treated wood and concrete are common building materials for retaining walls. There are benefits for using either one. The design details for installation are similar.

As a side note: Many homeowners don’t realize, a concrete wall when insulated from the exterior will allow it to act as a heat sink. Heat sinks are energy storage containers. Passive energy is given up during times when the furnace is not running.

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